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Teddy Ballard and THOR3

Good Evening, My name is Teddy Ballard and I am a Physical Therapist with the 3rd Group THOR3 (Tactical Human Optimization Rapid Rehab and Re Conditiong) program. I was recently selected out of over 3,000 applicants as a top 20 finalist for a sport sponsorship through the supplement company MuscleGen Research. 1st place prize is $50,000, and a pretty stellar discount off their product line for friends and family. The requirements for voting are to simply click the link below and vote for me. Hit submit, and repeat daily! It requires no personal info and takes 8 seconds. It has been a privilege working with the SF community the past 2 years. For that reason, my plan is to contribute a portion of the winnings to several of the foundations that continually support our brothers and sisters in this community. Additionally, the owner of the company promised to match any donations from the winner. Details along with the link can be found below. Only 3 days left! Thank you for your support! A few reminders: -Vote every calendar day between now and Feb. 14 -You can vote from multiple devices as long as they are not on the same wifi


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