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Equipment For Work In Cold Weather Environments – A Primer

By: Orvar Bäcklin With winter having finally arrived I’ve been seeing a trend of posts in the Facebook groups, primarily in P&S – Gear/Equipment about clothing and gear suitable for working in cold weather. With that in mind I had the idea of doing a series of posts discussing my experiences in how to deal working in winter environments. I’m not really a winter SME. I just happen to live in a place (Sweden) where winters are long and fairly cold and I have chosen a profession (military) that regularly forces me to work for extended periods of time in austere winter conditions. Also please keep in mind that English isn’t my first language, so bear with me if some of the wording seems weird. The winter environment Winter is defined as a periods of time with 24 hour average temperature below 0ºC/32ºF. Depending on your geographical location, the length of winter varies but one thing remains constant – winter provides increased stress for you as an individual and even more so for you as a leader. For the individual having to work in cold winter weather that stress is mainly about maintaining your body and physical readiness as well as


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