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Becoming A Victim Of Our Frame of Reference

  “Never say always, never say never.” When we give advice as instructors, teachers, “that gun guy,” etc. we must be very careful that we do not become a victim of our frame of reference. What does this mean? LE, MIL, CCW and Hunters each will give advice based on their perspective. Many times they will stray from their lane and give advice that they have ZERO knowledge to give that advice on. Other times, they will give advice based on one event/experience and believe that it must fit with all situations. An example would be of the Elmer Fudd who takes a CCW class with John Doe where based on a single course of fire, they only needed a 5 shot revolver. Now Mr. Fudd takes to the internet to tell all that based on his “superior knowledge and experience” all they need is a 5 shot revolver in .44 magnum since you only need 5 shots. This same frame of reference is seen by many when they ask a LEO (my frame of reference to clarify) what they carry as a duty gun, and then pick that as their choice. For example, someone asks me what gun/ammo I


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