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Rumors Involving S3F

I was asked to write a post here by the Admins to address an issue or better yet a photo that has been floating around. More so because we support this group and many of you have our products in your Glocks. Let me be straight to the point. S3fsolutions has never and will never use another company's aftermarket barrel to relabel and put our name on. Period. We produce 100% of our barrels in house in our own machine shop. We have our own 5 axis machines, we broach in house and we hone in house. Our barrels are held to the highest of quality with QC being very important thing to us. If coating is wrong we fix it, if laser is wrong we fix it. if POI / POA shift is off, we replace the barrel. We are shooters building products for shooters. You should never see a "double laser" image on a barrel, and everyone of our products has the caliber marking on the top area of the hood, and we edge break every our barrels as well. How we produce our product is held extremely close to chest, so much so that we drop none


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