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Opportunity Cost

This article begins in 2012, when I joined m4carbine.net.  It seemed to me to be a gathering of solid people giving out solid advice, so I started reading.  From what I have heard since, I really missed out on the heyday of M4C, just like I missed Lightfighter but I digress.  The threads were still there and I did, and still do, learn much from what is written over there.   On many occasions, a newer member would post about purchasing “my first AR,” and was looking for advice on what to buy for it.  The answer, it seemed, was like a broken record: “get some training, and get some ammo.”  In principle I understood, but I too began to be slightly annoyed at the repetition.  “I get it,” I would think, “you are all burning it down with rifles, and you want this guy learning his stuff before buying the gadgets.”  Then I started working on a gun range, later becoming the facility manager.  My eyes were opened, the clouds parted, and the angels sang! The reasons for this oft-repeated phrase became crystal clear. I now want to explain this “get some training, get some ammo” mindset, at least


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