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The SITREP 3-1 Fundamentals of Leadership

Also in audio form on iTunes and Part 1: The panel discusses nuances of leadership as viewed from law enforcement, military, and corporate vantages. Panel: Roland Bill Blowers – John “Chappy” Chapman – Mike Martin – Richard Mason – Direct Action Resource Center (DARC) Matt Like, Subscribe, Share

P&S ModCast 21-1 Paul Gardner, USMC

Primary & Secondary ModCast Speaking with Paul Gardner (0311 USMC) about the 2003 gunfight in Iraq that left him paralyzed. Things to consider: Was his reload causing an issue? Was his magazine orientation in the pouch creating an issue? Did his body position cause unneeded danger? How did he describe his hit on the… read more »

P&S ModCast 16-1 The Unstoppable Jared Reston

Primary & Secondary ModCast 16-1   Speaking with Jared Reston about the incident he was involved in on 01/26/2008.   Things to consider: Why did he initially contact the suspect? What was his initial choice of weapon? Did Jared know the suspect was armed? How many shots were fired from both sides? How much… read more »

Weapons For Home Defense

The ability to protect ourselves and our loved ones at home is of paramount importance.  With this in mind it is best to understand the options available to maximize your effectiveness if you need to use deadly force in defense of yourself and your family while at home. Before delving into weapons, it is important… read more »

The Basics

I found early on the training I was provided as a police officer was insufficient for the tremendous weight of using firearms in the line of duty.  It seemed most of the training was to pass a qualification as opposed to expanding my skillset.  Even if the training was so mundane that we stood in… read more »


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