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Fun With Shockey At DARC Part 3

Once the class is done, it’s time for cleanup and it’s not a light clean up. We fired somewhere in the ballpark of 70,000 simuntion rounds during the week, both officers and OpFor, and yes ass hat, 70k not 6k, it wasn’t a typo. Being familiar with Force on Force orderings and usage, I can confidently say that is more rounds used than all of the Houston Area uses COMBINED in one year for standard training. Its impressive, even more impressive than that is the floor of the shoothouse after a week. Below I’m going to list in no particular order things I learned from a week with so many gun fights and seeing how humans act under stress: Tac Reloads ARE a thing. A lot of people say there is no such thing as a lull in the gunfight, but when you are fighting motivated individuals, there can and will be lulls. I was actively holding security against 3 or 4 opfor at time and doing Tac Reloads. With that being said, more times than not I did NOT retain the mag, I let it simply drop. I worked off my gut instinct on when to do them and


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