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Vehicle Loadouts

Vehicle Loadout – carrying stuff out of sight, out of mind. Frame of reference: Carried this way when I lived in a small town in a Western “Cowboy” “pro gun” area. *When I travel to less “pro gun” or “Cowboy” regions into a more “Hippie” region, I cover up my gun stuff with less gun/tactical looking stuff or conceal it in “hippieflauge” backpacks all together.* Mission: Bring fighting sustainment kit such as ammo, mag bags, armor, long guns as well as medical for Gunshot and Trauma as well as basic 1st Aid supplies. Broken further down into what stays in my vehicle vs what gets brought in/out and when in a borrowed/rental ride. The stuff we leave in our car is going to be dictated by environmental concerns/knowing where you live/travel. Living in the desert for the last 7 years I have learned that water is life. As towns can be 1 hour to 1.5 hours apart at speed on the interstate, you have to keep water with you. As water gets nasty when left in the hot car for a while, I have found its better to just travel with extra fresh water all the time – 2-3 32oz


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