This will be all about learning to shoot your pistol accurately. This is not a “tactical” class per se. It will definitely be a “workout”, but you will leave with a baseline set of skills and drills to take back to your home range to work on. REQUIREMENTS: Serviceable semi-automatic pistol of at least 9MM… read more »

Variable Power Optic – Culpeper, Va. 10/12/2019

Justified Defensive Concepts will present Variable Power Optics on October 12, 2019!  https://www.justifieddefensiveconcep…e-power-optic/ Most rifle classes focus on the basics and do the vast majority of their shooting within 100 yards. Our Variable Power Optics class is designed to give you the information and skills necessary to use your rifle at the longer distances it… read more »

Immediate Action Concepts LLC, Intermediate Handgun

Intermediate Handgun is a defensive/ tactical based, course. The progressive nature of the curriculum, along with constant assessment (by the instructor), ensures a smooth skills progression and challenging day with coached feedback and in depth explanations into the reasoning behind the techniques.

Stop Marksmanship Training

Since this organization is very gun friendly and dedicated to knowledge I should now have your attention. I just said it and will reiterate. STOP MARKSMANSHIP TRAINING IN THE ARMY. Weapons proficiency training is just that. If you call it marksmanship training and that’s your focus you’re doing it wrong. I’ve used the terms weapons… read more »


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