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Fun With Shockey At DARC Part 2

Day 2 of the course is a lot like the first night, except it’s not. They add more to your plate, namely the Porno. Unfortunately, that’s where my explanation of the Porno ends and you’ll just have to taste the rainbow for yourself when you attend. There is no free lunch in this course, but Rich also doesn’t put you in “no win” situations. Use the tactics correctly and things go pretty well, fall apart and you pay for it. It’s actually pretty simple. Following chronological order, Day 3 is next. This is where shit gets real interesting. You start to become comfortable, almost to the point of overly confident, at which point Rich introduces a reality check. It’s humbling and carries a great amount of learning points. You really begin to learn the importance of team work and utilizing the “system”. Furthermore, you learn that you have to look out for the team and not yourself. No bullshit, you can have a multi-cell team going in and if one dude fucks up, it can cause the team to fall apart……and when you fall apart, pain follows. Day 4 is next….I know, you’re surprised a Marine could count to 4,


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