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Medical kits review: From the uniform LE perspective

The following review comes from the perspective of daily uniform wear for law enforcement. This is not intended to be a comprehensive review of all available offerings rather a review of those kits I have used over the years and their general performance and attributes. This is not meant to be a discussion of medical training or proper implementation. I’ll begin with a list of the products I’ll be reviewing so that you can easily skip ahead: Chinook Medical - Officer Response Pouch Dark Angel Medical – DARK lite trauma kit Blue Force Gear – Micro Trauma kit Original SOE Gear – Tear off IFAK First Spear – Self aid pocket and insert *I will use “Tourniquet” and “TQ” interchangeably *NPA = Nasopharyngeal airway aka nose hose * I did not get into the weeds with the cost of each med kits’ contents as this isn’t really the focus of my article and not all of my kits are setup the same. The mentions of price in my analysis are related to my interpretation of those costs relative to the capability of the kit. Chinook Medical – Officer Response Pouch http://www.chinookmed.com/cgi-bin/item/01151/c-law/-Officer-Response-Pouch-%28LEMK-OR%29 The ORP is the pouch I am currently using


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