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Dressing for Winter – Gloves

By: Orvar Bäcklin “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing” -Swedish Proverb This is a follow-up to the cold weather primer I wrote. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend starting there. The idea here is to try and produce a series of articles detailing my experiences with how to best equip yourself for dealing with extended operations in sub-arctic or just really cold environments. This first piece will go over taking care of the most important tools you have – your hands. A typical glove setup for field ops for me consists of 3-4 different gloves. I'll have a lightly or non-insulated work glove, a thin wool liner, a heavier five finger glove and mittens. Your hands, much like your feet, sweat and freeze fairly simple. I try to eliminate as much glove-less time as I possibly can for that reason. Classic military or outdoors problems are handling metal objects such as your thermos, stove, weapon, radios etc, most requiring some form of dexterity to maneuver. By using a thin liner glove I can take of my heavier gloves while still maintaining a shield between my fingers and whatever metal surface I just have to touch,


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