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Semper Paratus Arms 2 Day AR15 Armorer Course Amarillo, TX

Semper Paratus Arms will be doing a 2 day AR15 Armorer Course in Amarillo at the Amarillo College (Criminal Justice Program). Texas law enforcement personnel will receive TCOLE credit. This course will cover history and development of the AR15, proper assembly/disassembly procedures, component selection, technical specs, diagnosing and troubleshooting malfunctions and more.

Immediate Action Concepts LLC, One Day Carbine, Eagle Creek, Oregon

One Day Carbine is an intermediate, defensive/ tactical based, course.  The progressive nature of the curriculum, along with constant assessment (by the instructor), ensures a smooth skills progression and challenging day with coached feedback and in depth explanations into the reasoning behind the techniques. TOPICS COVERED: Safety brief and safe gun handling procedures and techniques. … read more »

“MIl-Spec” – The Minimum Standard For Quality

“Milspec” is a sales buzzword that provides a loose definition of the minimum standard of quality for a specific dependable combat weapon. There are several brands that say they are milspec and are not even close to that minimum level of acceptable quality. If you are buying a weapon for fun or for just plinking,… read more »


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