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Evolutions In Outfitting The Modern Police Officer

I have worked within law enforcement (LE) since the last century. I  have worked with leadership that recognized the importance of officer safety and enacted proactive polices which maximized police effectiveness through modern equipment and training.  Currently, police officers do everything from teaching classes in elementary schools to direct combat with terrorist forces.  As a school resource officer, I taught several D.A.R.E. (Drug Awareness Resistance Education) classes a day at the local elementary schools and still responded to all types of incidents.  Our officers have ever changing job duties as well as high expectations from the public.  In order to more safely and effectively conduct their duties, upgrading equipment and uniforms to a more versatile and functional condition will help with officer and public safety. Police departments are funded by the cities the serve.  Outfitting and updating police a department is expensive.  There are federal programs that allow the use of used military equipment for police work.  Equipment offered with these federal programs included at one time: weapons, armored vehicles, non-armored vehicles, night vision, generators, vehicle parts, combat uniforms- nearly everything. Some items require fees to be paid, some items are free.  All of these items are on loan from


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