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LMS Defense Night Vision Fundamentals Course with Daniel Bales: AAR

After Action Report Course: LMS Defense Night Vision Fundamentals Course Instructor: Daniel Bales Host facility: LMS Defense Combat Development Center Location: Fernley, Nevada Course length: 1 day *In the interest of complete transparency: I am a part time employee of LMS Defense and have worked for them as an RSO on several occasions. In addition to LMS I work with Dan Bales at my day job as a part time instructor at our agency where Dan serves as the rangemaster. I consider Dan a good friend and will strive to keep my review objective without straying into a subjective view of the instruction quality.* I recently attended 2 separate Night Vision Fundamentals Courses with Dan Bales of LMS Defense. The first was 11/4/16 and the second was 1/27/17, both were 1 day (or more accurately 1 night) classes. This class is billed as an entry level NV course geared towards getting people familiar with their NV equipment and its use.  I have also attended a NV primer course during the annual LMS Defense customer appreciation weekend in June of 2016. (This was a short block of instruction by Dan Bales and an opportunity to checkout some of the provided vendor


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