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Raven Concealment Copia Magazine Pouches

In mid 2016 Raven Concealment announced the Copia Pistol Magazine pouches. The Copia is a one size fits most injection molded (edited) pistol mag pouch. You can adjust the tension of the mag pouch to work with various sizes mags – i.e. Glock to M&P and back to the chosen gun, Glock. The mag pouches are ambidextrous as well, allowing one mag pouch to have bullets forward or rearward. Available in a single mag or double mag option, you are not limited by this. You can add them together using the standard coupling hardware we all got used to using with the Phantom series. This means that a single mag pouch can be added to another to make a double, or a double and a single together become a triple. I was not a fan of kydex or “hard” mag pouches for a concealed carry role, as I rarely wear a tucked in undershirt. Due to this, almost every concealment friendly belt mag pouches would rub against my skin and be very annoying. The Copia hasn’t done that in the 6 months I’ve used the single mag as a daily wear pouch. Part of this is the Copia having a


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