After Action Reports

Speed Shooting & Shot Calling – NRA Range, Fairfax, Va. 7/14/2019

Speed Shooting and Shot Calling is an advanced pistol class focused on enhancing students ability to run their handgun at high speed. 2-Gun National Champion Ken Bloxton has developed a 3-hour, 300rd course that answers some the hardest questions in shooting such as – How can I maintain accuracy at high speed? What is “Shot… read more »

A Day in the Arena presented by Ash Hess and Jack Leuba

One day Semi Auto Precision Rifle match 8 Stages designed to challenge both speed and accuracy 200 rounds $80 entry fee SIgn up at

Gunslingin’ #2

If you didn’t read my last article, hit it up here As I mentioned before, the next few articles are going to be focused on the shooting I have been doing this year. I have been really focused on the Precision Rifle Series Gas Gun, specifically Tactical. I ran the series with a mostly stock… read more »

Greetings from Primary & Secondary.

This is the first of what equates to a regular column here from me. I will be putting up articles every couple week on a variety of subjects but focusing on running a gun. I will do my best not to get too much into equipment as there are a thousand other people who can… read more »

The Value of Competition

The lead Humvee was disabled immediately, so Capt. Goltry had his driver pull their vehicle perpendicular and in front of it to provide cover. Capt. Goltry spotted a shooter to his right, opened his door, and returned fire. He received two gun shot wounds to his left leg but continued fighting until the shooter was… read more »

Competition Will Get You Killed On The Streets?

Tore Haugli provided insight in the P&S Facebook group P&S – Firearms Competitions in regards to an article that was critical of competition shooting. Here are his thoughts:  I have recently seen a trend where instructors from the “tactical world” are being very critical of competition shooting. Reasons behind this criticism varies from no focus on tactics, such as use… read more »


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