Cold Weather

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Dressing for Winter – Gloves

By: Orvar Bäcklin “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing” -Swedish Proverb This is a follow-up to the cold weather primer I wrote. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend starting there. The idea here is to try and produce a series of articles detailing my experiences with how to best equip… read more »

Equipment For Work In Cold Weather Environments – A Primer

By: Orvar Bäcklin With winter having finally arrived I’ve been seeing a trend of posts in the Facebook groups, primarily in P&S – Gear/Equipment about clothing and gear suitable for working in cold weather. With that in mind I had the idea of doing a series of posts discussing my experiences in how to deal working… read more »

Being Prepared For All Seasons: Through Layer Selection

When dressing before I head out, I like to ask myself, “can I reasonably change a tire, dressed as I am, with the full range of weather and temperatures for today?” From time to time, we must all deal with weather-effects outside of our norm, while still taking on tasks and problems. This may happen… read more »

Tactical, cold, wind, rain, survive.

Here are some things to consider regarding layering and desolate areas. The land of many mountains, high desert and high winds can make for a challenging way to manage your body heat while working with tacti-cool gear. The critical issue is to maintain a balance of body core temperature and also minimize perspiration which will… read more »


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