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Women’s Defensive Tactics Course

This course is focusing on the female defensive mindset, problem-solving and skills needed to avoid or at least level the playing field during an attack! What to bring: Handgun Holster 100-200 rounds of target ammo Comfortable range clothing that you can get dirty! If you don’t have that stuff…you can borrow it from us…we just… read more »

Critical Incident Course

Critical Incident Course: This is a course we typically have reserved for law enforcement, but given the upswing in active killings in the last 5 years, it is important to tailor this program to responsible gun owners who carry for personal defense. Prerequisites: (please don’t let these stop you from training, just train at the… read more »

Becoming A Victim Of Our Frame of Reference

  “Never say always, never say never.” When we give advice as instructors, teachers, “that gun guy,” etc. we must be very careful that we do not become a victim of our frame of reference. What does this mean? LE, MIL, CCW and Hunters each will give advice based on their perspective. Many times they… read more »


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