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“Candid and Unbiased”

Primary & Secondary was founded with the purpose of providing current and accurate information to people that need it. Based on our mission this write up is necessary to provide the following information in regards to a company that requested a review be conducted by our staff and the interaction afterwards. On January 05, 2016, I received an Email from the Marketing Department of Radical Firearms to see if Primary & Secondary would be willing to conduct a review of one of their rifles. The representative of Radical included in the email: “We ask only for candid and unbiased feedback from you.” A few months later a member of the Primary & Secondary Staff set up a test which included a rifle received from them directly. He was doing this review entirely for Primary & Secondary and not his primary employer. Our Staff member noticed some issues and contacted Radical to report them. He provided some insight to the issues within one of the P&S discussion groups on Facebook. The issues were in regards to  manufacturing and quality assurance / quality control. Radical contacted the P&S Staff member and explained they didn’t feel the weapon being reviewed was up to


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