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Battle of Takur Ghar

15 years ago today, my amazing husband was the platoon sergeant in charge of a 65 man Ranger strike force from 1st Ranger Battalion deployed to Afghanistan 🇦🇫 in 2001. Chuck's element due to circumstances beyond his control were split between the two largest bases in Afghanistan. Early on the morning of the 4th the half of Chuck's Platoon that were with the Platoon Leader at the other base were sent to a mountain top to rescue a Navy Seal unit pinned down in a fire fight. When Chuck's guys got to the mountain, the SEALS had retreated, and only the enemy remained. They shot down their helicopter and killed three of Chuck's guys. Marc Anderson, Brad Crose, and Matthew Commons were among the 7 Americans killed. Chuck's youngest Son, Jack Matthew is named after Matt Commons. Three books and a motion picture have been written about the event where chuck's Rangers received the most valor medals for a group it's size for a single action since the Vietnam war. Chuck was forever scarred by this terrible event, the loss of life of his men, and the fact that he was not able to be with them during the battle.


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