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The Varying Quality of the AR15 and Why. Part 1

By Will Larson, Owner: Semper Paratus Arms Over the course of the last few years and most recently in the last four years since I started teaching an AR-15 centric based armorer course, I usually get asked about what separates a “Hobby type AR” over one for professional use ( i.e.- anti-social gatherings). What we need to remember is that the AR-15 rifle born out of the AR-10 rifle as made by Arma-Lite was designed as a military weapon. Ultimately that means traveling to a foreign place and using it in combat. A weapons failure in combat is less forgiving than one on Saturday afternoon at the local shooting hole. Though it’s not a particularly easy question to answer, we can usually break it down into two distinct areas. The first one is the use of cheap, low cost components. Examples of this can include aluminum style Picatinny gas blocks, commercial type lower receiver extensions and bolts or barrels which have not undergone HP/MPI (High Pressure and Magnetic Particle Inspection) testing. This directly relates to the lack of any standards. Colt’s Manufacturing Company not only refined and re-designed the M16 after purchasing the patent’s and rights from Arma-lite, but they also


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