XTech AK-47 Magazines?


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Wondering about the XTech AK-47 magazines. Are they a good alternative to use?
I don't have experience with the XTech magazines. However, they are (without a doubt in my mind) a rip of the original U.S. PALM AK30 magazines. And, quite nearly at the same price point, I'd rather just wait for U.S. PALM to revamp and purchase from them. CenturyArms financed the original team to come back into the Kalash products fold, if I remember correctly, so I'd rather just go with the original. Furthermore, and to what extent the ending was I don't know, CenturyArms sued XTech for a patent violation. Probably due to visual similarities, post-US PALM company buy.

Until US PALM returns in full, I'd rather buy tried and true Euro steelies for $15 a piece. JG Sales is listing them as in stock. My recommendation is to buy steal and avoid Korean metal mags and American poly mags (with the except of US PALM and Magpul).

But, again, I haven't used them. I'm just an AK guy who wouldn't use much in the way of American-made regarding Kalashnikov gear.