Wrapping radio earpiece wires

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Howdy all,

I’m looking for input to see if anyone has ever wrapped wires for their radio earpiece. In short, I have an aftermarket two-wire earpiece for my Motorola APX6000. I’m curious if I could wrap the wires right above the radio connector to about a foot shy of the separate PTT mic and earpiece wires, approx 30”.

I’ve used similar earpieces and have always tucked them in my shirt, but was maybe thinking of making this one a little more stout and just wearing it outside of the front of my shirt (polo, not zip/button front) and then into the placket and attached to my vest. Basically making it a stronger single wire rather than two flimsy wires.

It’s probably a temporary fix, as we have new armor carriers on order and I’ll just wire into my carrier once it’s in, but they are taking forever to come in. Probably not even worth messing with, but I was just wondering if anyone had done anything similar. I would just do some heat shrink tubing but since both ends have fittings, it won’t allow the tubing to slide over.

Thanks in advance!