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1. Message @hill2jb the description of how you would like to be listed, such as "Jason Hill, NREMT-P, 68W". Include significant organizations you might work for or be part of if it is DIRECTLY pertinent to your certification level. For example, if you are board certified in something or a member of an oversight committee with relevance to tactical or combat medicine.

2. Send him a picture of your certifying documents in the message.

3. Depending on what documents you send, we may edit your description in the list to reflect some or all of those. This is up to moderator discretion. If you feel you are being unfairly represented, please let us know in a PM, but moderator discretion will prevail if we feel your documentation does not reflect your desired description.

4. If you are a provider in the following list: PA, NP, MD, DO, message him directly and disregard the above.

Medical Subforum rules:

At P&S, our goal is to provide a forum for the exchange of relevant, accurate information about various topics.

When discussing firearms, ammunition, and equipment, we require member to be able to support their decision in choice of weapons or gear with relevant experience, or peer reviewed evidence.

This requirement is no less important in the medical arena.

So, if there is any confusion, I will lay out what I believe is a rubric to follow when making medical posts:
1. Be able to articulate, based on experience or peer reviewed evidence, why you choose to carry a specific medical intervention.
2. Know the prescribed use for any item you choose to carry.
3. Possess intellectual and mechanical competency with interventions you choose to carry.
4. Understand how the items you carry fit into the overall picture of Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) or Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC).
5. Be able to strongly, competently, and logically defend any personal variation from the above statements.
6. Defer any discrepancies or disagreements to subject matter experts.
7. Posting irrelevant, inaccurate, or dangerous information (skills outside of your personal scope of practice, illegal or immoral interventions, extremely dubious and unverified medical interventions, or obsolete medical interventions or skills) is highly discouraged. Infractions of this nature will be dealt with according to forum SOP.
8. It should go without saying that posting HIPAA violations in here will get you banned. Please ensure all sensitive information that would constitute a violation is removed from any descriptions or pictures prior to posting.
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