Uncomfortable discussion

I would recommend a series of episodes on how to identify and address potentially dangerous extremists within the gun community. This would include understanding certain symbols, ideology, and warning signs. Sadly, there are individuals who will exploit, and ultimately take away, our rights in order to harm others – for example white nationalists. This is a complex topic which will upset some and we must be careful of not undertaking a witch hunt. But it needs to be addressed. Such a discussion could have the benefit of maybe changing the minds of other groups. For example, I would recommend trying to contact groups like South Poverty Law Center (I know their determination of hate groups is problematic at times) to provide a different perspective so we could better understand the warning signs.
You could get rid of every "problematic" person/thing/whatever at the snap of your fingers and they will still try a take away gun rights because "YoU DOn'T NeEd iT." If you want to identify a white nationalist, just ask them. They won't deny it.
Self-improvement begins with oneself and not others.
Sadly, within American gun culture, one is more likely to run into white nationalists or fascists than any other type of extremist. But few want to address this problem because these individuals are some of the biggest snowflakes. Snowflakes who refuse to undertake self-improvement and instead blame the other. This is a toxic cocktail that poisons the rest of the community. That is why we need knowledge to be able to properly address the problem or people who do not have our interest at heart will.
I am all on board with the theory, but what is there to actually be done about the issue in practice? Call them out? Then what? They get mad, leave me a bad review, and take their bull shit to someplace that will act as an echo chamber. We're not talking about your everyday crazy here, this is some advanced crazy. I don't mean to sound like a quitter, but I don't see what actual effect we as a community can have here. I think it's a cultural issue reacting to a catalyst that isn't born of our community.

Matt Landfair

Matt Six Actual
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We have provided outlines in several posts, articles, and podcasts on how to find the right sources.

Calling out direct isn't my style (as hard as I try) . I want people to make their own decisions and use critical thinking. I don't want blind followers. Same reason I won't post go to lists for guns or gear.