TQ carrier for civvy dress?

Looking for a low profile civilian dress TQ carrier, something that will fit well under a sport coat and/or untucked shirt. I have/use an ankle rig for most situations, but doesn't always fit every occasion. When I need to split the gear up, Izzy in a pocket, combat gauze in another, I just need a workable carry for the TQ.

PHLster flatpack is probably going to be the best carrier in terms of not disturbing the shape of your clothes. Anything in a suit or khaki pants pocket is going to be very noticeable if it's properly fitted.

If your sport coat is a single vent, maybe have it off to one side on the belt, but if you've got a double or side vent in a more British tradition, then you'd carry it in the center.

This may be uncomfortable while sitting down in a car though, so YMMV.
Keeping an eye this too. TacMed, are you using a CAT or SOFFT?
I carry both in my truck MCI kit, as I have found the CAT better for upper extremities (quicker to deploy) and the SOFTW better for lower (getting it around holsters, full BDU pockets, etc.). On my person it's usually the CAT.


For the few times I wear a sport coat, I just throw it in the pocket. For on the belt low pro plain clothes, I use a BFG ten speed pouch to hold one. The PHLster flatpack is a excellent product.

Oak City Tactics

Elastic bungee shock cord tied into a 3.5-4” loop. Run the loop under the belt and you have two loops. One above and one below the belt line. The TQ sits vertically with one end held by the top loop and the other by the bottom loop.