Thoughts on the validity of PPC?

At the risk of dating myself I used to shoot a fair amount of PPC competion while I was in the service and on my own time. I was wondering if ya'll still think it has a place in the combat competion world. Being able to deliever accurate shots at distances out to 50 yards is something that I think we can all agree is a good skill to cultivate but the time standards always seemed to long for my taste.

In the intrest of full disclosure where I work we do a modififed PPC competion that is called Monday Night Marksman. Two strings of five shots at 5,7,10.15,25 yards for a total of 50 rounds and you have 7 seconds to do it. It was a real eye opener for a lot of folk including myself when we got our scores from 25 yards. I personally think this is what PPC really should of morphed into minus the PPC revolvers with BOMAR ribs shooting mouse fart loads. I run my bedside gun, S&W Model 586 with .38 Spec. +P loads. And most of the folk run their CCW guns.

Anyones thoughts would be welcome.
Our firearms instructor school requires a 540 or better to pass to the next phase. One things for certain. If you can consistently score 540 or better out of 600 on a ppc match V course then you have a solid foundation of the basics.

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