Things to look for when buying a used Aimpoint red dot?

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In my experience with many many 1033 optic’s of various quality they either turn on or they don’t. They either adjust or they don’t. The on off is easy to test. Tracking is simple as well. Stabilize it and make adjustments see if the dot moves. Very few have passed that and then showed an issue with retaining that zero if the clicks were positive. If they are not and it spins freely you may have issues. Look inside the tube as well. Shake and listen etc. check that the mount locking nut shaft isn’t bent. Greater than 95% of them I’ve found are fine if they pass the on off test.


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I've had really good luck at arfcom, where guys are concerned with their ratings and reps. Same with Lightfighter, and I would assume here as well. Anyone legit will say just send it back, no worries.

Really the only ones I would be concerned about are used, late-model EOTechs. They had some issues. I would only buy new there. But a good used Aimpoint I'd buy any day of the week.


...a good used Aimpoint I'd buy any day of the week.
Concur. As long as it's not some knockoff, and it turns on, it'll work. And they almost always turn on.

Even seen a few folks deliberately buy not-turning-on ones that just were full of blown-up alkaline battery goo. Cleaned up enough and working device for less! They are pretty indestructible.

If touching it yourself before buying, be familiar with features. E.g. at least Comp 4 (maybe 3???) onward has a "loose" power knob on purpose to avoid damage when dropped. It feels wrong, but is not in fact broken.

"Refurb" yourself before pressing into service. Scrupulously clean all of it, not just the optics. Re-oil the mount system, put dielectric grease on the battery cap threads (and o-ring!) and maybe even dab of deoxit on contacts if they are at all not bright and happy. I have even cleaned up banged up used ones (or ones I abused too much) by using cold "blue" aluminum blackener on the outside scratches and wear on corners. Put a new Lithium battery in, mount and zero and... barely think of it ever again.


I've used Tacswap before, treat it like any other classified section. Their are Scams on there, as long as you're careful you should be all right. I've purchased multiple things on there before and have yet to have an issue *knock on wood*.

As far as purchasing a used Aimpoint, make sure that it is not under a Military serial number. If the serial number says it belonged to the Military, and you're not using a Military email address they won't fix it. I had a Comp M4 I picked up used, I had a AA battery coorode in the battery compartment. Aimpoint wouldn't touch it, and I was left with a $500 paperweight. When purchasing an Aimpoint now, I either look for non Mil models, or I want the box etc.
I bought an Aimpoint PRO used in "like new" condition from RKB Armory last year. Service was excellent and I had it within a week. I have seen more scratches on ones in the case than on the used one I got. I would check them out.