The custom plunge


Lately I’ve been dipping my toes more and more into the pool of Saint JMB goodness that is the 1911 platform and I’m really beginning to understand what it’s all about... To the point if I’m really considering selling 5 of my guns that aren’t my go to AR, edc, hunting rifle, or my 1911’s and buying a custom made or nice semi-custom 2011 in 9 or .45.

I’m specifically looking at a Chambers Custom 2011 WMG or a Nighthawk GRP double stack. I’m pretty sold on the double stack platform because I envision this possibly serving in an edc/duty capacity (if I can talk my agency into it) someday. I’m also pretty sold on the above two companies. Nighthawk is a bit cheaper and may not have the fit and finish of the Chambers, but they damn sure stand by their product and their guns have reputations of being reliable work-horses.

After listening to the 8 hours of glory that is the two parts of the 1911 PnS episode, I became pretty convinced that Joe Chambers knows his shit and is very passionate about the guns he makes and the platform. It was also apparent that knows that beyond competition and hobbyists, his guns are used by some serious business people for serious business things and he builds them accordingly with utter reliability.

Both are backed up by fantastic warranties, and correct me if I’m wrong but I feel like I heard Joe say that if one of his guns is taken as evidence after a lawful use of lethal force he’ll replace it for cost of parts. (Wanna say it was in part two, but I could be way off base on that/ maybe I’m making it up, I can’t remember and 8hrs is a long ass time to scan through to find it).

In the end I would have a nice-ass hell and back reliable and more-accurate l-than-I-am gun that could one day go to my kids and then their kids.

Tl;dr thinking about dumping five guns I don’t really shoot for a Chambers or 3-4 guns for a nighthawk. Thoughts?

Bill Assande

I'm in the same boat, only I don't really have anything left in the safe to sell. I have two guns I would love to have built by Joe that I need to email him about to get an idea what I need to budget out.


Although mine isn't a double-stack and wasn't done by Joe - I was in a similar boat, and finally decided to take the plunge myself. There's just something magical about the 1911/2011 when it's done right. (Even at the-semi-custom level you mentioned.) The 1911 was the first handgun I ever fired, (almost 40 years ago now) and holds a special place.