Team Wendy Exfil Carbon RFI

Does anybody know if any of the aftermarket BOA/CAM systems that TW makes will fit the Exfil Carbon Bump? I purchased an Exfil Carbon bump helmet last year for future use with night vision. I didn't realize that being left eye dominant put the buckle on the wrong side for me. I see now that they offer an LED option on the Exfil Ballistic but not on the Exfil Carbon, however, I see that they offer aftermarket retention systems that fit Opscore, Crye, ACH etc.. I'm not sure, however, if they'll fit.
So, quick update... I spoke with two people at Team Wendy, both of who informed me of the following:

1. They do not make a LED option for the Exfil carbon
2. The LED BOA/Camfit system from the Exfil Ballistic will not fit the Exfil carbon
3. The aftermarket BOA/Camfit system that they sell for the ACH/MICH/Airframe/Opscore helmets is not compatible with their own helmets

Now knowing this, I figured I would attempt to deconstruct my current CAM system, flip it, resew and have a LED chin strap. However, after deconstructing and test fitting, I discovered the the chin strap geometry does not allow for it to be reversed. Also during the process, I somehow managed to jam up the BOA system, rendering the retention system completely worthless. I figured this would be no big deal and called TW back to get a replacement RED BOA/Camfit system so I'd at least have a functioning helmet to mount my NV to. Most of my shooting will be with an IR pointer anyway so, while not ideal, its very workable. Well, the rep at TW went on to explain to me that the current generation of BOA/Camfit systems is not compatible with my helmet made in 2018. The rep went on to state that there "were some changes" and due to my old padding system the entire helmet would need to be gutted, which would cost nearly what a new helmet would.

At this point, my bullshit meter is starting to peg at max.

1. How would the padding system have any effect on the BOA/Camfit system?
2. It strikes me as really odd that a retention system that fits four other types of helmets all with a similar 4 point retention system won't fit their own helmet with a 4 point retention system.
3. I also find it very hard to believe that they would use a different retention system for the ballistic and bump helmets. Logically, it makes absolutely no sense from a manufacturing standpoint to make two different types of retention systems for two helmets that, other than the material of the shell, are identical.
4. When I pressed them on the issue, Team Wendy also couldn't give me a solid reason why the retention system wouldn't actually work, just that "there are some minor differences."

So, at this point, with a $500 paperweight of a brand new, unused helmet, I've got nothing to lose; I ordered a LED BOA/Camfit system from a third party vendor. After reading Ranger933's thread on modifying the same system to work in his MTEK, I'm fairly confident that even if the system isn't a direct bolt in replacement, I can probably modify it to work with minimal effort. I could be completely wrong, the system may be completely incompatible, however, to me, after applying some logic and given the history of TW, I feel like they were just trying to just sell me a ballistic helmet vs taking a small amount of effort to actually solve my issue. To me, it seems as though it wouldn't be too much effort for them to sew up a LED chinstrap that I would have been more than willing to pay for. Given
So... I received my LED chinstrap for the ACH/MICH/Airframe/Opscore and as suspected, Team Wendy is either retarded, liars, or both. The only difference between the factory chinstrap and aftermarket is that the aftermarket one has more holes for mounting options as well as no metal grommets pre installed as the mounting hardware is different. Initially, to confirm fit, I cut the old grommets out of my destroyed factory Boa/Camfit system for a test fit. Once confirmed that the system would work, I proceeded to install some 1/4 black grommets and reused the remaining factory hardware. Ultimately, in less than five minutes I was able to figure out what Team Wendy repeatedly told me was impossible.