Teach-A-Class Bag?

I tried to search the forums for opinions on this, but I couldn't find anything. Apologies if I missed something.

I'm looking for a bag, case, or backpack that combines a range bag and classroom bag. Would really appreciate any ideas. I'm thinking a combination (for example) of a GPS 4-pistol bag and a laptop backback- trying to avoid a second trip. here's what I'm trying to fit in said bag:

Padding Desired:
Laptop Computer/ liability waivers/ safety briefing sheets
HDMI and power cords
4 Pistols
Padding irrelevant:
Eyes/Ears/Dummy Rounds
12 Magazines
600 rounds pistol ammunition
Basic toolkit
Mag Pouches

The GPS backpack is good for everything but the electronics, but I'm hoping to find a solution that doesn't include either adding MOLLE webbing to the backpack or sewing on an electronics compartment. If there's nothing available C/OTS, I'll look into having something fabricated- but having a single bag rather than juggling 2 backpacks for a small intro course would be ideal.

Thank you in advance!


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Even for my actual just-briefcases (actually nylon sling bags) I have long hated the built in laptop and camera inserts (and even had items damaged they so often suck), so just get my own, sized to fit and not shift around. If there's room in your favorite bag, try some padded inserts. Maybe velcro/strap them in, but sewing shouldn't be needed.

When going rougher, I even replace laptop sleeves with the very thin Pelican hard cases.

Looking at the list, I'd think only the computer and projector get cases. Cables and stuff don't care as long as stowed neatly, so just get some small zippered pouches for those, and keep them from getting too squished by heavy things like handguns.

The ammo is gonna add a lot of weight. I keep a couple hundred rounds of 9mm in my "main range bag" it's the most weight in there. Upping it for match days makes it a real bear to carry. THAT might be what I'd toss in a second bag. Something small and good at ammo carriage like a Border Shift.

Also, I usually travel with stuff like you have, when trying to cut to one bag for reasons, a Pelican box. Got a nice size AIR with re-positionable by velcro internal fabric dividers, in two layers. Yes, I have even put a computer In the other hard case I mentioned) and ammo and guns in it, so it's plausible. But, it's a box. Carry short distances, or roll on reasonable surfaces only.
Pad the fragile stuff and use a duffle. North Face ones are beasts. Targets get rolled up and rubber-banded or put in a cardboard shipping tube. Lash it on top to a pair of carry handles and call it a day.

As it stands now, your ammo, holsters and # of pistols alone will push many 72 hr bags on the market to the max once you add the electronics.