Tactical Yoga Pants / Leggings

Are there any women or men in the forum that can point me in the direction of a yoga pant/leggings built for women and designed for Concealed carry/classes. Needs to have belt loops and real pockets that you can put stuff into is a plus. All day comfort and needs to be wearable in public and actually conceal/retain a gun in a good holster. There are a couple out there on the internet but its hard to trust the manufacturer claims or the claims of people that may or may not be paid to say good things about them. Looking so I have a n actual answer from professional end users/ real people that use them so I can actually give answers to clients/women that i know when the ask how should i conceal a gun and I dont just want to tell them to buy mens pants.

Thanks in advance

Barry B

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Check out this young ladies’ YT channel. She specifically focuses on women’s fashion and how you can correctly conceal carry. The video below is NOT specific to leggings... but she may have a video on same in her channel.