Tactical Pants - What Choices Are There?


I've ignored one aspect of my "tactical" gear. Probably the least interesting prep item you could buy. Pants. Not that one needs to buy special pants, but having a couple pare of loose fitting combat pants would be very useful. I don't mind dropping fair money, but if your suggestion is $120 a pair you need not bother. I appreciate your input and suggestions.


Lots of good "outdoor" pant options that work just as well as "tactical" pant but don't make you look like a weirdo if you wear them day-to-day.
Rail Riders, Kuhl, Outdoor Research, Mountain Hardwear, etc.
If you're gonna get your full-on tac pant game on, best just bite the bullet and fully commit to a set of Crye.


I like the Vertx Phantom Ops. They have pretty standard pockets unlike the 5.11s with the weirdly deep back pockets and the silly drag handle. Also, no velcro. I think they cost around 60 a pair and you can get them on Amazon.


Try the Propper Brand of tactical gear pants. Galls offer several styles and multiple colors. I was issued and wore their Uniform Tactical Pants as well as their Men's Duty Cargo Pants.
I am still wearing some of these tctical pants 5+ years. Propper is also a verified contractor for the US Military.
Although I have no experience in combat with or without pants, I have been wearing old BDUs and other " tactical" cargo pants as my everyday go-to for awhile now. I was a demolition contractor for years and a good hard wearing pair of pants was a must. I have no experience with the higher end stuff, Crye, Vertex, etc. So I can't compare them for you but I can say that the more affordable brands like Proppers, Tru-spec, even mil- surp BDUs will hold up under the stress of a job site. 5.11 also makes some good ones, especially if you are looking for something that doesn't scream Mil or Security, though you will pay a bit more for the fashionable pairs.
Oh and Duluth makes those firehose pants that are really ready for abuse and you can jam anything you would want to have on you, with enough pockets to designate pocket for a specific item. But those are pretty heavy weight for all season, in my opinion.
I'm rather fond of the plane-Jane Redhead "Stanley" ripstop cargo pants from Bass Pro. They're reasonably priced, fit well (especially if you spent your teen years in the squat rack and have thicker legs than the current fashion trends allow for), and an elastic waistband to allow for IWB/AIWB carry. You can get them in 'tactical' or regular-dude colors. They do wear out eventually, they're not bombproof, but they last plenty long enough under normal use and don't scream '5.11 tuxedo' like a lot of dedicated 'tactical' pants do.


Having the greatest equipment to survive the harsh climate is essential for outdoor enthusiasts. A decent pair of tactical shorts is among the most essential items you should own. The greatest tactical shorts will shield your legs and give you additional room to store items like your wallet and smartphone.
Pointblank makes a great point- most hiking pants are very durable, easy to find and some of them make items here in the U.S.

Are you looking for a pant with many pockets? Or a full combat pant that can take internal kneepads and such?

Crye is the go to- and can be found used in many places, could also have a look at Varusteleka, they have several options at different price points!