Suppressor height sights

I just got a Glock 34 MOS and plan on getting a C&H plate as well as a Holoson 507c. Until then I wanted to get Ameriglow suppressor height sights so when I get the optic I didn’t need to change the sights out and don’t buy 2 sets of sights. What are the challenges or disadvantages if any of using suppressor height sights? Other than a greater offset.


I have a Glock 34 gen 5 MOS and am using the Dawson Precision Gen 5 mos specific sight set and they have been outstanding. They are guaranteed to be poa poi and I have found them to be so.

I have used these sights on all my Gen 5's now and love them. There is one serious draw back you need to be aware of and it is their finish, the sights are just blued and are prone to rust. Mine,and I do have several, have not rusted but you need to pay closer attention to keeping them wiped down occasionally with a decent oil.

Hope that helps