Strength/conditioning programming on a 48/96 schedule?


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Wondering if ya'll had input on how to efficiently program if you're:
1. On shift for two days straight
2. Using most of the day after shift to sleep/recover
3. Trying to avoid feeling smoked when you show up for shift

Thanks in advance.


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FWIW, I've always had less soreness/been less smoked when I had more, shorter workouts. E.g. 5 shorter workouts per week vs. 3 longer/more intense ones.


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Matt Wenning has a first responder/tactical specific workout plan but I have not run it to know how it might work out.

I am currently using Barbell Medicine's low fatigue template (

I'm only 3 weeks in so I can't speak to how the entire cycle will go. But I've run their templates in the past and been pleased. I'm starting a heavy focus on bjj/kb this year and I've found in the past combining heavy lifting and heavy martial arts led to over training. Which leads to poor performance at both things. The template above is designed to get decent strength adaptations while not building up a huge debt of fatigue and soreness. After three weeks of this plan and heavy bjj I can say the after workout soreness and being smoked is much less. I've added a few pounds on squat and bench but that can fluctuate week to week so gimme 12 more weeks and I can report back. The plan above comes with 4 work outs. Two of them are 3 main lifting days a week and the other two are 4 day splits. Each one has customizable lifts to so you can tweak it to meet your goals.