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Discussion in 'Ammunition' started by helopitts, Jul 27, 2016.

  1. helopitts

    helopitts Newbie

    Just curious if anyone has heard of a coupon code for stand1armory on their reman ammo? And if anyone has shot any yet?

  2. IkeInTexas

    IkeInTexas Regular Member Vendor

  3. helopitts

    helopitts Newbie

    Thanks Ike
  4. Imperial_WTI

    Imperial_WTI Newbie

    I know this was an older post, but would like an update on Stand 1. Round count, impressions, performance, etc..
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  5. Tyler Houston

    Tyler Houston Newbie

    I just ordered some of their 147 gr -P "chubbies". I plan on using them through a Glock 34 with a KKM barrel and 13 lb RSA. I will update this post with my impressions but would also like to hear other people's experiences.

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