Staccato P RMR Optic Cut Question/Options


I am looking to have my Staccato P (non-duo, 2020 4.4" version) cut to the RMR footprint and looking for options/advice. I have not been able to get a Chambers RDSM plate for months and haven't had my inquiry answered from them so I am just moving on from that since the other installers I have reached out to have all told me that they cannot get the plate. I wouldn't mind the Trijicon RMR plate/setup but I really have no desire or use for the night sights that come on that plate/setup so that's out unless there is a blacked-out sight version I am not aware of.

Does anyone have any options or leads on getting a RMR/Holosun cut on a Staccato P?


The folks at Chambers can sometimes be a little difficult to get ahold of in case you would consider another attempt at contacting them.

My buddy had Brekke Customs install an RMR pattern plate on his STI. It turned out great and he is very happy with it. The pictures on the sight are of his actual pistol.

Another interesting option is Nighthawk's IOS. I think they recently started offering this service on third-party pistols.

Another low tech option is to use the Trijicon plate and simply black out the tritium lamps with a pen. ATEi offers the the Trijicon plate install. I have no experience with their 2011 installs but I have a couple Glocks with their pro cut and their work is top notch.


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Dave Laubert does the RDSM and has always been quick to reply. Have you tried reaching out to him?


@SCSU74 Yes I reached out to him and others, they can do the work but can't get me a plate. I tried again to reach out to Chambers and they won't return any emails. So I am back to the drawing board, I don't mind the trijicon mount, I just greatly dislike the integrated night sights.