Springfield Armory MC Operator with factory RMR

So I happened to see the new Springfield MC Operator with factory RMR on Gunbroker a few months ago. Today I finally received mine. I have been a fan of RMR’s for a while and I came to age shooting 1911‘s due to the AWB of the 1990’s. I wanted to try out a 1911 with an RMR, but I was nervous about having one of my guns cut in case I found out that I didn’t like it.

i have had my eye on a Staccato Duo, but my other issue is, that I am a Fire Captain and work 24 hour shifts, which then means that I have to leave my gun locked up unattended in a cheap safe in my truck while on duty. So I really don’t
Ike the thought of an almost $3000 gun, by the time you ad the cost of an RMR sitting in my truck.

so when I saw they Springfield now offers a factory 1911 with a RMR, I thought what the heck. It isn’t exactly what I wanted. It’s only available in a 45, and the RMR is a 1 moa dot, but I reload 45’s and I can always get a different holosun or RMR if I need to down the line.

I tried it out today, and I think I might actually like it! It’s not as accurate as my STI tactical, but some of it could just be that I’m a little rusty with a 45. It’s a pretty good deal for the price point, and it’s still factory, so if I decide that it’s not for me, it shouldn’t be too hard to sell of later. I also received my Holster Co holster for it, and it fits like a glove. I think I’m going to like this combination.


I didn’t know this was a thing until now... and now I want one. MIM parts aside, I really like my Loaded Operator model, and have been wishing I could get an RMR atop it.
Here is a little update.

I finally hit just over 1000 rounds on this gun. I have shot Gold Dot 230gr, and various reloads of mine consisting of coated round nose 200gr, LSWC 200gr, and round nose flat point 200gr Bullets. So far I haven’t had a single malfunction.

The extractor was set correctly from the factory and piles the brass about 6’ away. This gun runs better than any other 1911 I have ever purchased. I cleaned it after the Range time today after officially logging 1086 rounds through it. Usually I clean my 1911’s why sooner than this one, but I wanted to see what this would do. I know it’s not a ton of rounds but it ran flawlessly and I’m sure it could have done more.

This gun runs on Wilson 8 and 10 round mags, colt 7 round mags, and even cheap gun show 1911 7 round mags. It doesn’t Like Chip McCormick mags though. They will work, but they won’t lock back when the mag is empty.

I have been lubing it with Lucas Extreme duty oil, and did change out the recoil spring for a Springco #14 spring just to try it out a few hundred rounds ago.

I have found that carrying this gun in a HolsterCo appendix holster cut for an RMR makes it virtually disappear even if it’s just under a t-shirt.

I am loving this gun, so much that my poor Beretta 92X isn’t getting any love right now.