SpecTrain is a training group based out of Charlotte NC. SpecTrain was founded on the idea that any one mans experience is purely anecdotal and that true breakthroughs come as a result from learning from a wider body of knowledge, experience and skillsets. With this in mind we have assembled a cadre of subject matter experts with backgrounds in military, state department contracting, law enforcement, performance/competition shooting and trauma medicine. All of our instructors continue to be active students and have learned from many of the folks in this list.

Our standard courses start with CORE. Core is designed to give students not only the traditional fundamentals of marksmanship, but the fundamental skills needed to actually fight with their chosen weapons system in a dynamic real world environment. Our Core classes include: Pistol, Carbine and Precision Rifle.

After Core comes our set of level 2 courses we call Critical Applications. These course pick up right where we lead off in Core and help equip students to deploy those fundamentals again real world variables. These training variables includes things like movement, use of cover, target identification and priority, injury to the shooter, and much more. Our standard Critical Applications classes include Pistol, Carbine, Precision Rifle and combined arms.

In addition to these courses are our skill specific courses. Once shooters have the fundamentals at a level of subconscious competence, these courses allow us to cover particular topics or skillsets in a deeper, more comprehensive manner. These courses include Performance Pistol Dynamics, Cover & Concealment Dynamics, Low Light Combined Arms, and customized training for military and law enforcement contracts.

For our updated training schedule, or to request a class in your area visit SpecTrain.us