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So you want to be a cop...

Discussion in 'Mindset' started by Imperial_WTI, Jan 24, 2017.

  1. BklynBacon

    BklynBacon Amateur

    This should be a sticky. I'm serious. This is the most real posting I've read with my fellow brothers giving the good, bad and ugly of this job. The shit ain't pretty. It takes part of your soul. You'll never get it back! Ever. Someone has to do this job, but at what cost.

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  2. ptrlcop

    ptrlcop Established

    I'll just add, don't use my advice as an excuse to be a lazy shit bag. Sometimes you need to give a fuck.

    The other day the VA clinic in town called to have a vet removed because he wasn't welcome at that VA and they said he needed to go to another one 45 min away.

    Talking to him he did 10 years, multiple deployments got assigned to recruiter duty in our town and stayed for a bit after he discharged. Then he got arrested and is on probation, and can't leave. He has no connection to our community and no support network. He had gone to the VA because he was having an anxiety attack (a real one, he was holding his chest and his whole body was shaking). BECAUSE of they symptoms he was seeking treatment for, he was not able to negotiate through the VA bullshit and they wouldn't help him.

    We didn't have a dog in the fight but I assigned one of our CIT officers who is a vet to "do what it takes". We called multiple veteran support groups, the VA and we got him hooked up with an advocate that can help him manage the bureaucracy and get the treatment he clearly needs.

    Not our job, probably won't make his life rainbows and unicorns, but I'm convinced that dude was gonna kill himself and he hasn't yet. That was a fuck worth giving.
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  3. M80Ball

    M80Ball Newbie

    You guys made a difference. That's what matters.
  4. calavera

    calavera Newbie

    Advice: try to avoid the negative dudes as long as possible, though you won't be able to forever. Again, I won't begrudge anyone their viewpoint of the job, their dept, etc. BUT, there are still happy dogs running around, enjoying the best job in the world, who have been there for a long time. That could be you, too.
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  5. BklynBacon

    BklynBacon Amateur

    Better advice. Find out why those guys are so negative. Is it because they can't seem to wash the sand out of their box, or do they have a legit gripe. Learn from them. Learn to avoid some of the pitfalls they have made possibly. Some of the best cops I know throughout my career were those "hairbags". They happen to be ones that were narco rangers, got a body or 2, etc. Watch out for the spotlight rangers. Those are the asshole cops that will tune someone up, be there for all the action, then point to you when it comes to doing the paperwork on it..saying "those are your cuffs bro". Yes. That will happen.

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  6. SCSU74

    SCSU74 Amateur

    There are just unhappy people, but there are also those that used to be the hard charging/do it all guys that got boned by the dept. The more I see it happen at my current agency the more I reconsider the way I police. For example one of my best friends is still being punished for a shoot he was involved in back on 11/2015. He was cleared by FBI, DOJ, state and our IA, but is still riding a desk because it made the news. It's possible he'll never work the street again (our dept has a history of banishing people after high profile shootings). All because he answered a dispatched assist EMS call, not a proactive stop or jumping out on someone..
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