Shoulder Impingement

I have shoulder impingement in my left shoulder from the position of my scapula. After 2 months of rest and physical therapy, I still have severe pain after any shoulder exercise.
PT has included E-Stim, scapula punches and very little scapula retraction.
Does anyone have any suggestions for exercises, stretches or mobility work that could help?


Suggestion one is see your doctor, explain what's going on still, even after rest and rehab, and see what they say.
Suggestion two is have the doctor order an MRI with contrast. That way there is a clear picture of what is wrong (or not wrong) in the shoulder.
Suggestion three is talk to the doctor and find out if the impingement is because the muscles around your scapula are compensating for something.

As an example, after my first shoulder surgery, I had issues with mobility and aches, particularly around the scapula. The MRI showed the issue, triggering a second surgery to fix it. Then the rehab targeted the muscle around it to get stronger and working again.
I had two dislocations that resulted in multiple tears in the cartilage labrum. I’d put up with pain and shit mobility for years before I got an x-ray with contrast and an MRI, then a scope. If they haven’t done recent imagery, I’d do everything I can to get them to do it. My shoulder is almost 100%, now that I finally stopped trying to deal with it myself.

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This is my first shoulder issue, and I’m definitely dedicating some time to trying to fix it on my own.
I remembered that I had a copy of Supple Leopard and I’m giving those impingement fixes a try.