Rugged Oculus


Just picked up a Rugged Oculus (still in NFA jail) about a months ago. This is my first Rimfire can, so I’m gonna have to lear how to clean the darn thing. Do you just use a normal bore solvent or is there anything “better” to use?


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I've had success with using my tumbler (for reloading) with stainless pins but for the heavy build up...there is no substitute for "the dip"
It's highly toxic and should be handled with disposable gloves as it will produce lead acetate.
The dip consists of vinegar and hydrogen peroxide in a 50/50 mix. Simply allow baffles to soak on there overnight or more depending how bad it is. (This only works for stainless baffles)


I've had very good results with an ultrasonic cleaner for my 22 can. Just throw it in for an hour or two then rinse. Haven't had a need to try the dip or tumbling.

For the majority of the buildup, I'm not sure the type of solvent matters too much, as you end up with a lot of large soft chunks on 22.


I use an ultrasonic with concentrated simple green, some water and a couple drops of dawn dish soap. It does most of the heavy lifting but doesnt get the baffles perfect. If Im not lazy I will use some hoppes and a plastic scraper to get the stubborn stuff left over but most of the time I just dry them and hit with light coat of oil and put back together.

Do not put the tube in ultrasonic, it will get damaged. Baffles only. For the tube, a shotgun brush with a patch works well enough.

BTW awesome little setup with the beretta.


Ultrasonics work well if you're good at maintaining your stuff on time. Me? I'm an idiot who goes too long between cleanings. FWIW.