REVIEW - High Range Outdoors Bolt10


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ITEM: Bolt 10 Daypack

MANUFACTURER: High Range Outdoors


A lightweight multi-purpose, modular daypack of 10L capacity.

The Bolt10 has been graciously supplied by High Range Outdoors, a long time supporter and confidante of Packs and Beyond.

Like any review of supplied equipment, I have done the review with the proviso that I will be painfully honest.

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Height: 360mm (approx. 14.17inches)

Width: 240mm (approx. 9.45inches)

Depth: 95mm (approx. 3.74inches)

Volume: 10L (610.24 cubic inches)

Weight: 500g (approx. 17.63oz)


500D main body
YKK zips
50mm webbing for shoulder straps
Hook and pile (velcro)
Duraflex buckles




Harness straps on the Bolt10 are composed of 50mm webbing tape.
The bottom of the harness straps are attached to D-loops at the bottom of the pack for quick attachment. These straps can then be stowed away for transport as a go-bag or when being used as a pack lid/pouch on a larger rucksack.

The harness straps can be stowed in the large pocket on the back. This large pocket can also be used to stow such items as maps and documents.

The rucksack of the Bolt10 is of semi-clamshell construction.
At the top of the pack is the main entry zip. These zips extend to the top third of the the main rucksack.

The front has two zip pockets.
The upper zip pocket is shallower at 108mm (approx. 4.25inches).
Between the two zip pockets is a field of loop velcro and two daisy chain/PALS rows.


The bottom of the rucksack has a drainage grommet.


The sides of the rucksack have two compression straps to aid in stowing larger items or attach the Bolt10 to larger backpacks as a lid or simply piggy-back on.


Internal organisation of the Bolt10 is quite impressive for such a small pack.

At the top of the main compartment is two D-loops and a tri-glide to attach accessories. I imagine that hyrdation bladder sleeves, keys and other essentials could be attached.
On either surface of the main compartment is a sleeve pocket.

The Bolt10 has seen significant usage the last few months.

I have used it for carrying supplies for my little girls on our many day trips to parks, museums and other social occasions.
For carrying such necessities as water bottles, sunscreen, spare nappies and some spare clothing in case of accidents, the Bolt10 has been really good.


The Bolt10 is intended to be piggy-backed (or bolted on in the parlance of High Range) onto larger packs. It can even be strapped onto the MR40 also from High Range Outdoors. A review of the MR40 pack will forthcoming in the future – keep watching this space.

Such a great little pack can be used as a detachable day pack lid for smaller side trips on larger treks, or as a vehicle go-bag or when cold weather clothing needs to be carried on shorter patrols.

A really well designed and made little pack that can be used as part of a larger, integrated system or as a solo item.
The Bolt10 could be considered a bit small, depending upon the mission requirements.

A very useful little pack from High Range Outdoors.
The Bolt10 can be used as an integral portion of a pack system (especially for it's intended partner the MR40).
It's been a great little pack.