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So today at the gun show i seen the 700MSR they want $20k. It came with 3 barrels. .338 was one dont kno the others. 1st ive heard something like its the new Sniper for mil.? 2nd why 20k or was that bullshit. Anyone know enough please explain?


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Remington was awarded the contract to produce the MSR as the Mk21 Precision Sniper Rifle. It isn't sold as just a rifle, it is sold as a very complete, very expensive package. You're looking at a precision weapon system, three barrels, a ~$4k optic, a Harris bipod on a LaRue QD mount, a suppressor, a deployment kit full of parts and maintenance tools, hard and soft storage cases, etc. You might personally be able to piece together an equally effective rifle and support gear for less, but any other company's comparable package would be similarly priced. The extent of its adoption and future use hasn't been officially agreed upon to my knowledge. I don't know many B4's in my neck of the woods who know it exists even in concept. Given the performance of the M2010, and some of the deficiencies, I'd be ecstatic to get my hands on an improved version in .338LM.


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If your looking for a modular system, the most cost effective is Desert Tech. I would look at Primal Rights if you want to build a kit. Modular's have a lot of appeal for a lot of reasons, biggest issue I can see is magazines due to the multiple calibers. Magazines are an issue with multiple caliber systems FYI, but you win some, lose some.
If your looking for a modular system, the most cost effective is Desert Tech.
^this, when speaking with SF guys that have fielded the MSR for some time, and then showing them my SRS, they immediately show their displeasure of the MSR, and the appeal of the SRS (and the HTI). Granted, I have a slight bias. But I fell in love with the SRS the first time I pulled the trigger, and haven't looked back. All the other customs sit in the safe.
A guy can easily put together a deployment kit starring the SRS with 2 or 3 barrels, case, tools, optic of choice, etc. for far less than the MSR and still have an accurate, more compact system.


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One area to caution with modular is magazine design. Mags are the basis of a reliable, smooth gun. Without those it's just a PITA. This is one area tat modular will struggle with.

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The Desert Tech SRS has this nailed. It is a solid system.

Don't think about this in terms of total dollars. When looking at a well equipped DTA in it soft case with optic. maintenance kit, suppressor and a barrel or two, just tell people who ask "That bag costs $525 per pound" and leave it at that. They can believe it or not.