Reman Pistol Rounds Tumbling @25 yds


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I recently broke into some old stock of .40 S&W Freedom Munitions Reman ammo that I bought several years ago and never used up. I usually use factory ammo, but decided to use this stuff up.

I was shooting B8s at 25 and I will usually score about 95 when untimed and tonight when I shot it cold with this reman ammo the accuracy was very poor (so bad I didn't even bother to score). I know skills atrophy with time, but I have been keeping up my dry fire with the Mantis and shot a 25yd B8 score 96 2 weeks ago. I then moved to 1in dots at 5yds and was doing as well as I normally do.

I attempted several more B8s thinking that I was just having a bad day, but I started seeing some rounds thrown really far off (havent shot that bad since I started 5 years ago). I also saw curious marks on the thrown rounds and it looks to me that the bullet was tumbling and entered the cardboard at an angle.

Has anyone else seen pistol rounds tumbling or a really wide cone of fire between 15-25 yards from reman ammo? What normally causes this? I also noticed a lot of metal flakes on the web of my firing hand that ive never seen before with factory ammo. I never noticed the poor accuracy years ago becuase I was just starting to shoot


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I haven’t noticed pistol rounds do it but I’ve had a number of their rifle rounds keyhole. I was also going through some old stock but won’t buy FM again.

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