Race to 1000lbs (Goal Journal)

So a friend of mine and I have a challenge up
It's a race to 1000lbs total in 3 events;
Bench press, dead lift and squat.

I suggested the challenge because I found myself slacking hard with my PT and feeling completely unmotivated to give a fuck about my physical abilities. To spice it up a bit we're betting a dollar a week for the next year until one of us hits the goal of 1000lbs. We're both active duty Army so you know we have tons of time to bullshit and get out of things; so the challenge is on top of our normal workday PT.

So these are the initial numbers as of today: (all of these are 1 rep max)

TR: 515
Bench: 155
Squat: 155
Deadlift: 205

SM: 635
Bench: 205
Squat: 205
Deadlift: 225

I'll update with my weekly workout plan and new numbers next Sunday.
5/3/1 is a good powerlifting program that'll get your numbers up. How much are you weighing in at now? When you say weekly workout plan, you don't mean changing your routine up every week do you? If so, you're not gonna do much for yourself. Consistency with a program is key. If you meant something else, disregard.
check out Meghli's stuff at Stronglifts.com,its a 5x5 and helps increase strength exponentially, i currently use it and have increased my 5 rep max squat 205- to 295, bench 145 to 235 and deadlift from 225 to 305 in only 5 weeks and im still going...
I’d say use 5/3/1, however I would not say you must follow it exactly as it was originally written. There are quite seriously multiple books by Jim Wendler solely about 5/3/1 and all the things you can do with it. There’s an App called “Wendler Log”. Good place to start and track your progress. Very handy to have that on your phone too! For reference, I’m 5’9”, 192 lbs 420S/295B/485D. I’ve only ever used variations of 5/3/1. Good luck!