Projectile velocity and wounding characteristics.


I have seen scant references, but no details or original documents, to a substantial change in wounding effects caused by projectiles moving over 2,000fps verses other high speed projectiles moving somewhat slower. Some of the references I've encountered have mentioned other documents I do not have access to that have been published in reputable sources. I have very little information regarding the specifics, though something to the effect of "temporary stretch cavity becomes permanent" or "tissue damage somewhat remote of wound channel" comes up frequently. Even more vague and dubious statements to the effect of "rifles are worse than pistols" also turn up frequently in sources running the gamut of quality.

What, precisely, is or is there not to this matter? Does anyone have good publicly available information on the effects of bullet velocity on wounding effects in people? Is there anything I, as an EMT-B, should be aware of when treating GSWs from various sources?

I am not looking for any information published by sources other than legitimate government and medical publications.