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    Practical Performance Training (PPT) offers performance based firearms training for both the combative and competition minded shooter. Our programs bridge the gaps between competition and defensive use of firearms and show you the principles and techniques that are essential to both worlds.

    PPT is based out of Prescott, AZ with the ability to bring our programs and instructors to you, anywhere in the United States. We have a course occurring at least once a month and are always looking for hosts and opportunities to bring our courses to your range!

    Courses Available
    Performance Handgun 1
    Performance Handgun 2
    Practical Application of Concealed Carry (PACC)
    "On Your Worst Day" Course (Prerequisites required)
    "How to Practice" Handgun Workshop
    1911/2011 End User Workshop
    Red Dot End User Workshop

    Performance Carbine 1
    Performance Carbine 2
    Intermediate Distance Carbine
    "How to Practice" Carbine Workshop

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