Practical Performance, “How to Practice” Handgun Workshop, July 26, Prescott, AZ

Practical Performance, “How to Practice“ Workshop, July 26, Prescott, AZ


Tuition: $200
Round Count: 500

Our “How to Practice” Handgun Workshop is a comprehensive program based on the art of developing skill with the handgun. Lots of students come to a course, see and shoot several drills and exercises, leave the class and have no idea how to incorporate what they’ve seen into a structured practice routine. This workshop bridges that gap. We start by discussing metrics and how to use them and push forward to creating and validating your own practice. This is a great follow up to any of our one or two day handgun courses.

Topics Covered:

Fundamentals of Practical Performance shooting
Setting a metric
Performance Tracking
Validating your practice
Dry fire/live fire integration

Required Equipment

An open mind with a desire to learn!
Notebook (You are definitely going to want this!)
Handgun suitable for practical pistol competition (IDPA/USPSA). Nothing smaller than a M&Pc or G19. (If you have questions about whether your gun is suitable or not, please do not hesitate to contact us!)
At least 3 magazines/speed loaders, more for single stack or revolver running less than 8 rounds
Holster suitable for carry or duty use
Way to carry at least 2 magazines/speed loaders on your person. (A belt mounted magazine pouch/speed loaders carrier is HIGHLY suggested)
Reliable ammunition for your handgun (1 day: 500rds. This is a minimum requirement. The more ammo the better!)
A belt suitable to carry your handgun and ammunition
Eye protection (ANSI rated)
Hearing Protection